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Smilda is a Certified Mover. This guarantees good consultation, diligent work, an efficient approach, the right equipment, well-trained motivated people and no risks! Because a certified mover has the obligation of acquiring liability insurance for each move.

No one other than a Certified Mover offers you these guarantees. Smilda would be pleased to tell you all about it. Timely and careful preparation is half the battle. That applies to the project relocations that we provide, but also for the private moves. We would prefer to sit around the table as early as possible; whether you want to move hundreds of workplaces or immigrate to Sweden.

We consider every move to be a unique project. And this is how we treat them. We would be happy to give you more information. Call 0594 645 266, send an email or directly request a quote.


If you need more information, please contact the advisor for Smilda & Zn. removals.
Phone number 0594 – 64 52 66.