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Moving piano/grand piano

For moving your precious piano or grand piano, you are at the right place. Moving a piano or grand piano is a job for specialists. A number of factors are important here:

  • Weight (an average of 200 kg)
  • The tone forming section is very sensitive to shocks
  • Very sensitive to temperature differences
  • As certified movers we make sure your piano or grand piano receives the proper care and attention it deserves during the move.
  • Our skilled employees have the appropriate expertise and ensure that the move of your piano or grand piano is sufficiently protected and secure.
  • Smilda & Zn. has a modern fleet that allows you to transport your piano or grand piano without problems.
  • If necessary, the use of a crane or transfer elevator is taken care of by Smilda & Zn.


If you need more information, please contact the advisor for Smilda & Zn. removals.
Phone number 0594 – 64 52 66.