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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is becoming increasingly important in our society. The meaning which Smilda & Zn. accords to CSR is Environment, Safety and Entrepreneurship. These terms are related to the familiar terms People, Planet and Profit.


The purpose of Smilda & Zn.’s occupational health and safety policy is to promote safe and healthy working conditions, aimed at preventing work-related damage to health.

Smilda & Zn.’s drivers participated in the “economical and defensive” driving course, which promotes traffic safety and fuel economy.

Our moving department staff have a VCA certificate.

The internal equipment meets the NEN 3140 safety standards.

There is frequent participation in instructional lessons at primary schools. The theme is “blind spot”. The primary school pupils receive an explanation about what a blind spot is, where it is and how to stay out of it. Afterwards, they get to take a look inside the cab of a truck, to personally experience the dangers of the blind spot.


Smilda & Zn. has a heavier and longer freight vehicle combination (HLF). An HLF allows one to transport 50% more cargo in one load. This limits the number of vehicle movements and reduces the amount of CO2 emissions.

The Smilda & Zn. fleet is equipped with Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines. The latter engines are so clean that they barely affect the air quality.

Smilda & Zn. is part of “network Benelux”, a distribution network with a green heart and green solutions. By working together, the participating service providers offer the best of both worlds. Preventing unnecessary extra transport movements (empty kilometres), environmental and road network relief: transfer outside rush hours.

By using speed limitation devices, substantial fuel savings can be achieved.

The tires are checked regularly and kept at the correct tension. This allows for a longer life and greater fuel economy.

Waste is sorted, both in the office and during execution. Metal, paper, wood, chemical waste and residual waste is sorted immediately.

The purchase of products, both for the office and for execution, will take place at 1 total supplier as much as possible. As a result, fewer transport movements are necessary and the CO2 are emissions reduced.

By digitalising internal and external communications, paper consumption is reduced.

Invoices and quotations are sent digitally as much as possible.


Smilda & Zn. is a modern family company with respect for people and the environment. Focused on the future, but with a foundation built on hard work and an agreement is an agreement. Long-term relationships not only with customers, but also with staff, suppliers and related organisations.

The policy of Smilda & Zn. aims to best suit the needs and requirements of its clients.

Part of this policy is a quality assurance system (ISO9001:2008) that is carried out and maintained in an effective and economically responsible manner.



If you need more information, please contact Smilda & Zn.
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