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We can also help you with moving sensitive products such as switch boxes, gaming machines, solar panels and conveyor belts.

When transporting sensitive products, especially the moment of loading and unloading the cargo is crucial; the cargo should be loaded and secured correctly and diligently. When unloading the same care should be observed. The execution and durability of the loading bay plays an important role because the products differ in size, length and height, and there should be enough resources and opportunities to be able to secure every load. Our loading bays are equiped with a tail lift, and on the inside with loading rails mounted on multiple levels. This allows loads of different sizes and heights to be safely secured.

Also, our employees have the necessary auxiliary materials such as straps, moving blankets, corner pieces and seal, these during transport make sure that your sensitive products arrive safe and secure at the destination.


If you need more information, please contact Smilda & Zn.
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