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Large packages

Small standard packages are delivered with vans, for this you can contact a large number of logistics suppliers. But what if your shipments, considering the size, nature or other specific wishes and demands, are not suitable for a package service?

Large packages

Large packages are offered by us under general cargo. The general cargo rate applies to one or more packages delivered to a single delivery address. The maximum weight per package is as a rule 23 kg. Above that, a pallet should be used, for which the loading meter tariff or the weight of the pallet is applicable. The maximum number of packages per shipment is 9 pieces. Do you need a larger number of packages sent to one address? Then you can offer these on a pallet. Colli longer than 200 cm are shipped as extra long cargo.

Extra long cargo

Packages with at least one side between 200 and 600 cm in length are considered extra long cargo. Examples include bundles, pipes, tubes and ladders. The significantly higher processing time justifies that these piece goods are charged at twice the standard rate. Smilda & Zn. also delivers your large packages and extra long cargo within 24 hours within the Benelux.


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