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Shopping streets in the inner cities are getting increasingly difficult to access for freight traffic. This causes problems in supplying shops. Window time, pole areas, and lack of loading/unloading points are becoming increasingly serious problems. When carriers deliver orders in the city centre, the cost for delivery of the shipments really adds up because of poor accessibility.

Smilda & Zn. has a dense distribution network in the Northern Netherlands, is a partner of “Network Benelux” and is working with fellow carriers, which in the night-time hours offer their goods to Smilda & Zn. in the Northern Netherlands. Because of our central location and bundling of goods we are able to supply shops in the city centers of the Northern Netherlands every day.

We support and promote the sustainable development and protection of the environment. We aim to reduce the impact on the environment, by reducing emissions of CO2. This is achieved among other things by:

  • the purchase of the latest technologies in the field of engines (Euro-6);
  • accurate managing and improving fuel consumption;
  • periodic tyre pressure monitoring;
  • the deployment of ECO-Combinations (LZV’s);
  • training of drivers in the field of economical driving (The New Driving)


If you need more information, please contact Smilda & Zn.
Phone number 0594 – 64 52 40.