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Since 1938

The messenger service of the grandfather of Kees Smilda was officially founded on the 24th of May 1938. At that time, he transported cattle and parcels between seven Zevenhuizen and Groningen. In 1970, Kees Smilda, together with his father and brother, continued Smilda & Zn.’s activities from a new location in Nietap. The fleet at that time consisted of five trucks.

Seven years later, Smilda moved to a new location in Tolbert. Until 2003, this was the parking location for a long time. On November 17th 2003, the new construction in Leek was taken over by a modern company with a fleet of 35 units and 55 employees.

In February 2010, the relocation division of the former Inventra in Grootegast was taken over and the new company became Smilda & Zn. Removals BV was established.

As a result of growth and acquisition, there are currently more than 70 employees.


If you need more information, please contact Smilda & Zn.
Phone number 0594 – 64 52 40.